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Title: On-Farm Management of Vitellaria paradoxa C. F. Gaertn. in Amuria District, Eastern Uganda

Date Published: 2012
Author/s: Paul Okiror, Jacob Godfrey Agea, Clement Akais Okia, and John Bosco Lamoris Okullo
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: Paul Okiror et al
Journal Publisher: International Journal of Forestry Research
Affiliation: College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Makerere University, P.O. Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda


The population of shea butter tree (Vitellaria paradoxa C. F. Gaertn.)—a priority tree with enormous economic and cultural
values to the parkland communities in Uganda, is rapidly declining due to rapid human population growth, increasing land
fragmentation, and high demand for woodfuel especially charcoal. Reversing this trend will depend on the rural community
involvement in the planting, facilitating natural regeneration, and tending of shea trees on farm. As such a survey was conducted
in Amuria district, eastern Uganda, to assess local strategies and constraints to on-farm management of shea trees, and document
socio-demographic factors influencing the on-farm conservation. About 93% of the households protected naturally regenerated
V. paradoxa trees mainly on farms. V. paradoxa was mostly propagated through coppices and seedlings.