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Title: Monograph for the Sango Bay Minziro (Tanzania - Uganda) Wetland landscape

Date Published: 2020
Author/s: NELSAP
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Affiliation: NELSAP


The Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP) has initiated an action research project
to increase the knowledge base and strengthen the capacity to integrate green infrastructure in river basin
planning in three transboundary wetlands: Semliki Delta (DRC-Uganda), Sango Bay-Minziro (TanzaniaUganda) and Sio-Siteko (Kenya-Uganda). This project builds upon existing and previous plans and programs
and aims to pave the way and create drivers to improve governance, promote conservation and sustainable
livelihoods in the Sango Bay-Minziro wetland landscape which directly or indirectly involve the wetlands.
This Wetland Monograph presents a detailed study of the physical context, biodiversity and ecosystems,
policies and institutions, socio-economics and livelihoods, and social dimensions of the Sango Bay-Minziro
wetland landscape. In addition, it identifies the main challenges the wetland landscape faces and on which to
develop successful management plans and investment portfolios.