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Title: Soil carbon in small-holder plantain farms, Uganda– a comparison between agroforestry and non-agroforestry

Date Published: 2014
Author/s: Pia Björsell
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Keywords: Soil carbon, agroforestry, Vi Agroforestry, Vi Skogen, small-holder farming, plantain,


Smallholder farmers in Uganda suffer from declining productivity. With a rapidly
increasing population, marginal land is taken into production and the current land
management leads to loss in soil fertility and escalation in soil erosion. There are
studies indicating that the use of agroforestry increases soil organic carbon (SOC)
compared to systems without trees. Soils which are high in carbon have many advantages, for example better water holding capacity, which can reduce stress on
crops during drought.
The aim of this study was to determine the effect agroforestry has on SOC concentration in small-holder farming systems in Uganda