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Title: Determinants of Soil Nutrient Balances and Implications For Addressing Land Degradation and Poverty in Uganda

Date Published: 2004
Author/s: Ephraim Nkonya, John Pender, and Crammer Kaizzi
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Soil erosion and soil nutrient mining are the leading causes of land degradation in
Uganda (NEMA; Zake, et al.). Declining crop yield has manifested the impact of land
degradation (Bekunda; Woomer et al.; Wortmann, and Kaizzi). Consequently per capita
food production in Uganda has been falling in the past 16 years, despite the expanding
crop acreage (Mungyereza; NEMA; UBOS, 2001). This trend has put at stake livelihoods
of over 90% of Ugandan farmers