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Title: Barriers and Levers to Developing Wheat–Pea Intercropping in Europe: A Review

Date Published: 2020
Author/s: Fateh Mamine and M’hand Farès
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Affiliation: UMR Selmet, INRAE-ACT, 2 place Pierre Viala, 34060 Montpellier, France;
Keywords: intercropping; wheat–pea; barriers; levers; agroecology; Europe


Beyond the ecosystem benefits of diversification through wheat–pea intercropping, this
review analyzes the barriers and levers to its adoption and diffusion. The present review shows that
structuring the value chain around the products of this innovative cropping system faces a set of
technical (i.e., varietal selection, phytosanitary issue control, crop management sequence, collection
management, and storage), economic (i.e., cost, price, market opportunities, and contracting),
and public policy (i.e., subsidies for ecosystem services provided by intercropping) obstacles that
contribute to its slow adoption and dissemination in Europe. However, the value chain resulting
from the wheat–pea intercropping system has levers to be exploited at all levels, particularly in terms
of its competitive advantages, ecosystem benefits, and superior product quality. The results of this
review help to identify priorities that actors of the value chain can address to better focus their efforts
on significant problems and solutions that can accelerate the adoption and dissemination of this
agroecological system.