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Title: Genetics of resistance to bacterial leaf blight in rice germplasm in Uganda

Date Published: 2010
Author/s: Mudingotto, P.J., Tusiime, G., Asea, G., Rubaihayo, P.R., Gibson, P., Tumutegyereize, J. & Lamo, J.
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Department of Crop Science, Makerere University, P. O. Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda
National Crops Resources Research Institute, P. O. Box 7084, Kampala, Uganda
Keywords: Additive effect, bacterial leaf blight, dominance
effect, epistasis, heritability, rice


Bacterial leaf blight (BLB) caused by Xanthomonas oryzae
pv. oryzae is one of the most serious diseases of rice worldwide.
The disease causes significant losses mostly in lowland rice.
This study is investigating the mode of gene action of resistance
to BLB using generation mean analysis. Crosses are being done
between the susceptible lines (Supa) and three resistant NILs
(Nerica 1, 4 and 10) upland rice. The plants will be infected
artificially using a clipping inoculation technique. Severity of
bacterial leaf blight on plants will be classified basing on the
length of the blighted portion of the leaves using a score chart
of 1 - 9. Genetic models will be used to determine whether
inheritance to BLB resistance is due to dominance, additive
and/or epistatic gene interactions