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Title: Characterization of salt affected soils in the central Rift Valley and assessing salt tolerance of different plants: A case study at the southwestern shore of Lake Ziway

Date Published: May, 2007
Author/s: Meron Nigussie
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The objective of this study was to characterize salt affected soils based on their salt
content & to assess growth responses of selected species and identify salt tolerant
species; namely, Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana), Setaria sphacelata, Saltbush (Atriplex
halimus) and Guinea grass (Panicum maximum). Soil samples were collected from three
different sites of southwestern shore of Lake Ziway area. Samples were taken in
replicate of 16 from each site and composited. Soil chemical analysis of the soluble
salts, exchangeable salts, EC, texture, calcium carbonate, pH, organic carbon and total
nitrogen were done at Addis Ababa University and National Soil Research Center. In
addition, to select salt tolerant plant species experiment was conducted in a greenhouse
involving the different soil types and the four different plant species as experimental
treatments. The experimental design used was CRD (Complete Random Design).
Throughout the experimental period, survival percentage and height of each plant
species were recorded.