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Title: Useful Trees and Shrubs for Uganda: Identification, Propagation and Management for Agricultural and Pastoral Communities

Date Published: 1995
Author/s: A B Katende, Ann Birnie and Bo Tengnas
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: Regional Land Management Unit (RELMA), Swedish International Development Cooperation
Agency (Sida)
Journal Publisher: Regional Land Management Unit, RELMA/Sida, ICRAF House, Gigiri
P. O. Box 63403, Nairobi, Kenya


Although there are not many species that are strictly endemic to the country, the
flora is still of great importance because of its major contribution to regional
endemism. The Western Rift Valley, as well as the areas around Lakes Edward and
Victoria, much of which are within Uganda, are particularly important as many
species that occur here are not found anywhere else in the world.
Climatic and physical conditions vary a great deal within short distances in
Uganda. Areas at higher altitudes have reliable rainfall that can support montane rain
forests and most areas of the country have sufficient rainfall to support agriculture, A large proportion of the land area is now under cultivation.