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Title: Connected Farming: An IoT enabled Solution for Uganda’s Agriculture

Date Published: March 2020
Author/s: SUNIL M R
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Affiliation: Faculty of Information and Communications Technology,
ISBAT University, Kampala, Uganda
Keywords: Internet-of-Things (IoTs), Connected Farming, Smart agriculture, Modern agriculture
practices, Agriculture robots, Automation, Sensor technology


Agriculture is one of the concerns that never ends up being addressed. Since agriculture is one of the rural
population's main livelihood sources. Therefore, it is very important to build the agricultural data-based
Internet of things. Internet-of-Things (IoT) is a revolutionary technology that represents the future of
communication & computing. Despite people's perception of the agricultural cycle, the fact is that today's
agriculture industry needs to be more data-centric, reliable, efficient and smarter than ever before. The rapid
advancement of Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled technology has transformed practically every industry
including “smart agriculture” which has transformed the market from statistical to quantitative approach.
Such radical changes lift the conventional methods of agriculture and introduce new prospects amid a
number of challenges. IoT helps in better crop management, better resource management, cost efficient
agriculture, improved quality and quantity , crop monitoring and field monitoring etc. This paper outlines
the potential of sensors and IoT in agriculture, as well as the challenges to be faced when this technology
is implemented into conventional farming practices. This paper also analyzes in detail about the IoT devices
and communication techniques associated with wireless sensors used in agricultural applications. The
sensors are identified for specific agricultural applications, such as soil preparation, crop status, irrigation,
insect detection and pest detection.