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Date Published: 2017
Author/s: Stanley Musiime
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Affiliation: SMJR Company Ltd.
Plot 51 Luthuli Avenue, Bugolobi


The objective of this study was to explore the gaps as well as the trends in the demand and supply for
agri-machinery in Uganda to identify trade opportunities that posed suitable entry points for Dutch traders.
The targeted audience of this report is the Dutch trader, and the report places emphasis on opportunities
from which the Dutch trader could have competitive advantages.
The report discusses and explores (i) the economic overview and the overall business climate prevailing
in Uganda, followed by an explanation of the protocols to follow in starting a business in Uganda. Key
drivers and trends influencing agrimachinery adoption are discussed, including an analysis of demand for
local versus imported machinery. The report later covers the financing available for agri-machinery
investments, and also analyses the key actors participating in or influencing adoption of agrimachinery.
Finally a list of potential trade opportunities is analyzed and recommended

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