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Title: Behavior of Metals in Soils

Date Published: October 1992
Author/s: Joan E. McLean and Bert E. Bledsoe
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Affiliation: Utah Water Research Laboratory,Utah State University, Logan,
UT 84322-8200
** Environmental Scientist, Robert S. Kerr Environmental
Research Laboratory, Ada, OK 74820, United States
Environmental Protection
Office of Solid Waste
and Emergency
Office of
Research and


The Regional Superfund Ground-Water Forum is a group of
scientists, representing EPA's Regional Superfund Offices,
organized to exchange up-to-date information related to
ground-water remediation at Superfund sites. One of the
major issues of concern to the Forum is the mobility of metals
in soils as related to subsurface remediation.
For the purposes of this Issue Paper, those metals most
commonly found at Superfund sites will be discussed in terms
of the processes affecting their behavior in soils as well as
laboratory methods available to evaluate this behavior. The
retention capacity of soil will also be discussed in terms of the
movement of metals between the other environmental
compartments including ground water, surface water, or the

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1. Behavior of metals in soils