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Title: Calliandra contour hedges, Uganda - Orugo rwa Calliandra (Rukiga)

Date Published: 2014
Author/s: Wilson Bamwerinde
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Affiliation: agera TAMP Project, Kabale, Uganda, FAO


Calliandra Calothyrsus trees are closely planted along the contours on hilly and steep slopes to create natural
and effective barriers for reduction of the surface runoff and retention of eroded sediment. Calliandra hedge
barriers are a fairly cheap, effective, and sustainable way of controlling soil erosion and landslides on
vulnerable steep slopes, especially where trash lines and Napier grass strips were inadequate to mitigate
dispersed and concentrated soil and water runoff. Once established, the living barrier is durable with minimal
additional maintenance cost to the farmer apart from pruning. The average length of a hedgerow is 50 to 70
m, corresponding to the width of a single terrace. The height varies according to intended use of the mature