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Title: Organic vegetable production and research needs in the tropics and subtropics

Date Published: 2008
Author/s: Peter Juroszek, Thomas A. Lumpkin, Warwick Easdown and Hsing-Hua Tsai
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Affiliation: AVRDC-The World Vegetable Center, Yi-Ming Liao 60, Shanhua 74151, Taiwan
1Crop & Ecosystem Management Unit, Organic Vegetable Program


Fruits and vegetables are among the major sources of micronutrients for the majority of the
world’s poor living in the tropics and subtropics. While improving organic vegetable
production in these regions can help the small number of certified organic growers who
produce mainly for high-priced niche export markets, such an effort would also have wider
implications. In sub-Saharan Africa the majority of farmers are ‘organic by default’ because
they cannot afford chemical inputs; therefore, many of the systems developed for certified organic farmers also may be applicable to the greater farming community