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Title: Response of Common Bean Genotypes Grown in Soil with Normal or Limited Moisture, with Special Reference to the Nutrient Phosphorus

Date Published: 2018
Author/s: Margaret Namugwanya, John Stephen Tenywa and Erasmus Otabbong
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Affiliation: Department of Agriculture, Kyambogo University, P. O. Box 1 Kyambogo, Uganda
2 Department of Agricultural Production, Makerere University, P. O. Box 7062 Kampala, Uganda;
3 Department of Soil and Environment, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Nytorgetsgatan 3A,
Apt. 1201, SE-981 34 Ornskoldvik, Sweden;
Keywords: drought stress; Phaseolus vulgaris; Uganda


Drought and phosphorus deficiency in the soil are the major production limitations
of common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Sub-Saharan Africa. This study measured the yield
responses of low phosphorus-tolerant common beans to drought stress. A field experiment was
conducted under two drought conditions codenamed, non-drought-stress (NDS) and drought-stress
(DS). The former was located at Mukono Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute
(MUZARDI) in Mukono District, characterised by rainfall of more than 400 mm season-1
. The latter
was situated at Wabinyonyi in Nakasongola District, characterised by less than 300 mm season-1 ; both in central Uganda. Treatments included the two study conditions (NDS and DS); and four test
bean genotypes, AFR703-1, AFR 708, JESCA, and MCM 2001, against a local check, K131. A water deficit of 156 mm season-1 was observed in the DS site causing a drought intensity index (DII) of 40%.