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Title: Online Agriculture Information System for Uganda

Date Published: 2012
Author/s: Benedict OYO, Stephen MAGARA and Geoffrey ANDOGAH
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Affiliation: Department of Computer Science, Gulu University, P.O. Box 166, Gulu, Uganda
Keywords: Agricultural production, decision support, information technology, seed


Over the last decade, agricultural output in Uganda has generally been
declining yet the population is rapidly growing. This implies that interventions by
government and other development partners through: improved seeds, advisory
services, loans, animal grants and agro-processing services, have had negligible
impact. In addition, information about performance of individual farmers is not
known, making it difficult to implement initiatives that leverage their potential. This
paper presents an information system for managing agricultural output data of
individual farmers for effective decision making. As part of the information system, a
novel “seed banking” idea is implemented, whereby farmers deposit harvested seeds
in the seed bank and in return withdraw improved seeds for planting. The paper
maintains that as seed banking is adopted, farmers will be assured of improved seeds
for planting in all seasons, thereby empowering them to make realistic plans for
future expansion without regard to uncertain interventions from government or other development partners

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