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Title: Agricultural Growth and Investment Options for Poverty Reduction in Uganda

Date Published: September 2008
Author/s: Samuel Benin, James Thurlow, Xinshen Diao, Allen Kebba, Nelson Ofwono
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Affiliation: IFPRI


Over the past two decades, Uganda has experienced strong economic growth. However, agriculture has
not performed as well as the rest of the economy in recent years, and while the incidence of poverty has
declined, it is still substantially higher in rural rather than urban areas. The Ugandan government, within
the framework of its Plan for the Modernization of Agriculture (PMA) and the Prosperity for All (PFA)
initiative, and in support of the upcoming National Development Plan, is in the process of implementing
the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), which provides an integrated
framework of development priorities aimed at restoring agricultural growth, rural development and food
security. This paper analyzes the agricultural growth and investment options that can support the
development of a comprehensive rural development component under Uganda’s National Development
Plan in alignment with the principles and objectives of the CAADP, which include achievement of six
percent agricultural growth and allocation of at least ten percent of budgetary resources to the agricultural