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Title: Quick Scan of Uganda’s Forage Sub-Sector

Date Published: November 2019
Author/s: Jos Creemers, Adolfo Alvarez Aranguiz
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Affiliation: Netherlands East African Dairy Partnership (NEADAP)


This report describes Uganda’s forage sub-sector. It looks at the current situation of available forage
species and their quality, seasonality, preservation, forage seeds and planting material, fertilizer use,
mechanisation, inputs and services, the forage market, education and training, innovations, environmentally sustainable forage production and policies and regulations affecting the forage sub-sector. The
report gives recommendations to enhance availability of quality forages. The report is an output of Theme
2: Forages and nutrition of dairy cows, of the Netherlands East African Dairy Partnership project (NEADAP).
NEADAP is an initiative by the Netherlands government for learning and sharing amongst different dairy
sectors and projects in East Africa.

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