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Title: Comparative Cost of Production Analysis in East Africa: Implications for Competitiveness and Comparative Advantage.

Date Published: October 1996
Author/s: M. Odhiambo P. Kristanson Kashangaki
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Journal Publisher: AMEX International, Inc
Affiliation: Mwankiki Associates Ltd./Technoserve


The recent market liberalization in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania has improved farmers competitiveness
in regional and world markets for coffee, maize, and beans. Kenya is the lowest cost producer of coffee
and textiles, while Tanzania has a cost advantage in beans. Ugandan farme rs produce maize at the least cost
per hectare but at the highest cost per kilogram in the region due to low yields. Kenya also has a
comparative cost advantage in manu facturing cotton fabric but not cotton, and Tanzania and Uganda have
a comparative advantage in the production of cotton, but not in cotton fabrics. These are findings of the
Comparative Cost of Production in East Africa Study co nducted for USAID's Regional Office for East and
Southern Africa (REDSO). The study examines maize, beans, coffee, potatoes, and textiles in Kenya ,
Tanzania, and Uganda.