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Title: Determination of agro-ecological zones in Africa: ILCA activities and expectations

Date Published: 1986
Author/s: B. J. Henricksen
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Affiliation: ILCA, P.O. Box 5689, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


EFFECTIVE LAND-USE planning is necessary if optimal use is to be made of land for sustained
and increased agricultural production. Agro-ecological zonation can help in the process of
planning development strategies and research programmes by providing comprehensive
information on land resources.
This paper outlines some of the work being done by ILCA in the field of agroecological zonation
and the use of models to predict the effect of environment on pastoral and agricultural systems.
Plans for future developments and the potential benefits of the work are also given.
Research results from a particular site can be expected to be applicable to other areas with
similar agro-ecological conditions, and knowledge of agro-ecological zonation will help to speed
up the process of transfer of research results from the research station to the farmer. In
addition, research can be more accurately targeted on the basis of agro-ecological zones rather than on the basis of broader agroclimatic zones as previously used.