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Title: Crop pests and disease management in Uganda: status and investment needs

Date Published: March, 2017
Author/s: M. Kansiime, J. Mulema, D. Karanja, D. Romney and R. Day
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Affiliation: CABI


This report provides a comprehensive overview of the root causes for pest and disease risk in Uganda; the pests
and diseases that affect key value chains and current management options; and the Ugandan legal and
institutional framework for pest management and key actors. A review of the cost-effectiveness of different
extension and communication approaches is provided, as well as of existing information and communication
technology (ICT) approaches, to inform recommendations for an investment plan for future pest management,
including the potential to further utilise ICTs.
To reduce crop losses due to pests and diseases, the detailed investment plan for the medium term is proposed
to ensure establishment of sustainable pest management systems and to help achieve Uganda’s national targets
for improving agricultural productivity and exports by 2020