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Date Published: 1982
Author/s: Editors: C.L. Keswani and B.J. Ndunguru
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Affiliation: University of Dar es Salaam
Tanzania National Scientific Research Council
International Development Research Centre


Observations were made on the diseases of
beans and groundnuts in an experiment utilizing
these crops planted as monocropped beans, twothirds beans/one-third groundnuts, one-third
beans/two-thirds groundnuts, and monocropped
groundnuts with three different populations: 11,
22, and 44 plants/m2.
The incidence of groundnut rosette was con- siderably lower in the intercrops than in pure
stand, especially at higher plant densities. As ex- pected, the incidence of rosette decreased with
increasing plant densities irrespective of whether
groundnuts were planted as a monocrop or an intercrop

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1. Intercropping