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Title: Improving Animal Health and Livestock Production to achieve Food Security in Karamoja

Date Published: 2016
Author/s: Prof. Charles Waiswa
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: CAP
Journal Publisher: CAP
Affiliation: Council for African Policy (CAP)
Plot 27A Bandali Rise Bugolobi
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This policy brief is an opportunity to give a picture of the
desirability of using livestock to improve livelihoods in the
Karamoja region by taking advantage of existing policies or
propose new ideas that will help exploit the potential of the
livestock resource in Karamoja. Since 1987, Uganda Government
has pursued macro-economic policies of liberalization and
privatization aimed at eradication of poverty. Support policy
framework like decentralization, rationalisation of civil service
and good governance were put in place and consequently the
roles of public and private sectors are being defined whereby
there is substantial shift in livestock policies from putting the
burden of developing the livestock sector on public resources to
Private Sector.