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Title: Microbiological and Sensory Quality of Milk on the Domestic Market

Date Published: 2015
Author/s: Anna Piotrowska, Franciszek Swiderski, Eliza Kostyra, Malgorzata Zebrowska-Krasuska, Anna Sadowska
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Affiliation: Department of Organic and Functional Food and Commodities, Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer
Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Nowoursynowska 159C, 02–776 Warsaw, Poland
Keywords: milk, microbiological quality, sensory quality


The evaluation of the microbiological and sensory quality of 30 assortments of market milk was the objective of the presented research. The study
also compared the sensory profi le of selected samples of milk differing in preservation method. Microbiological tests included determination of the presence and number of Enterobacteriaceae and the total number of microorganisms. Sensory characteristics of all the milk samples was performed by scaling method (5-points scale). Selected samples of milk were additionally assessed by means of profi le method. Microbiological tests showed satisfactory
microbiological purity of milk, which indicates the effectiveness of the heat treatment and the lack of secondary contamination. Regardless of the preservation method, all the evaluated milk samples were characterised by a high sensory quality (4.25–5 points). There were no changes in smell and taste,
resulting from the development of undesirable microfl ora. The tested samples of milk differing in the preservation method (sterilisation, pasteurisation
at high temperature and subjected to microfi ltration and low pasteurisation) varied in the sensory profi le. Milk pasteurised at high temperature was characterised by the most harmonised overall quality