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Title: Ethnobotanical Characterization of Scarlet Eggplant (Solanum Aethiopicum L.) Varieties Cultivated in Benin Republic

Date Published: Mar 2021
Author/s: Scholastique Aguessy, Roger Idossou, Anicet Gbèblonoudo Dassou, Yêyinou Laura Estelle Loko, Octaviano Igor Yelome, Anicet A. Gbaguidi, Paterne A. Agre, Alexandre Dansi, Clément Agbangla
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Affiliation: UNSTM
Keywords: African scarlet eggplant, preference criteria, production constraints, varietal diversity, Benin


The African eggplant [Solanum aethiopicum (L.)] is an important orphan traditional vegetable
cultivated in tropical regions for its edible fruits. In Benin republic, S. aethiopicum (L.) is mainly produced by
rural farmers for food and for its uses in traditional medicine. Assessing the varietal diversity, the endogenous
knowledge, the production constraints and the farmers’ preference criteria are of great importance for promotion and conservation purposes.