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Title: PRODUCTION METHODS AND COMPOSITION OF BUSHERA: A Ugandan Traditional Fermented Cereal Beverage

Date Published: 2003
Author/s: Muyanja CMBK, Kikafunda JK, Narvhus JA, Helgetun K and T Langsrud
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Journal Publisher: African Journal of Food Agriculture Nutrition and Development
Affiliation: Department of Food Science and Technology Makerere University P.O. Box 7062 Kampala,
Department of food Science Agricultural University of Norway P.O. Box 5036 N-432-N
Keywords: Germination, Fermentation, Sorghum, Millets, Bushera


A survey was conducted using a questionnaire to document the production methods of
Bushera, a Ugandan traditional fermented cereal beverage, in the districts of Kabale and
Rukungiri in the South Western region of Uganda. The chemical composition of raw
materials and Bushera was determined using standard methods. Similarities in the production
of Bushera in Kabale and Rukungiri districts were observed. In both districts, sorghum grains
are usually (80% of respondents) soaked in water overnight (12 h), some households (20%)
indicated a soaking period of 24-48 h. Eighty seven percent of the households soaked the
grains in streams, rivers and ponds. The germination period for sorghum grains varied
between two and four days. Sixty five percent of the households germinated the grains for two-three days. The duration of fermentation of Bushera ranged from one to six days.