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Title: Management practices and opportunities in East African highland banana (Musa spp. AAA-EA) production in Uganda

Date Published: October 2010
Author/s: Lydia Wanja Ireri Wairegi
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Affiliation: International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Kampala, Uganda , Makerere University, Wageningen University


The East African highland banana (Musa spp. AAA-EA) is a primary food and cash
crop in Uganda. Despite its importance, yields are poor due to biotic and abiotic
constraints. However, quantitative information on the importance, interactions, and
geographic distribution of yields and constraints is scanty. On-farm quantification of
the yield gap requires a tool for estimating bunch weight since quantification of
production is very difficult as plants are at different stages of production at any given
time. Diagnosis of nutrient deficiencies requires a tool for identification of plant nutrient imbalances