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Title: Ability of systemic insecticide dimethoate to prevent aphid colonisation and the spread of aphid transmitted viruses in Solanum tuberosum Lin.

Date Published: 1998
Author/s: RM Kakuhenzire, M Ogenga-Latigo, E Adipala, AS Bhagsari
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Affiliation: NARO
Keywords: Dimcthoatc, virus latent infection, aphid-bnme viruses, Myzus persicae, ELlSA


Seven potato (Solanum tuberosum Lin.) varieties previously indexed against potato leaf roll virus (PLRV), potato virus Y (PVY), potato virus S (PVS) and potato virus X (PVX) were grown in the fieid for two seasons at Namulonge representing warm, mid-altitude tropics and, for one season at Kalengyere representing cool highland areas. One set of the seven potato varieties was sprayed with dimethoate at a rate of 1.19 kg a.i. ha-1 at weekly intervals to prevent aphid infestation and spread of aphid transmitted viruses. The second set was not treated. Seed tuber indexing before planting showed the absence of aphid transmitted viruses (PLRV, PVY and PVS) in seed potato obtained from Kalengyere during both seasons. Weekly collection of aphids at both sites showcrl a predominance of Myzus persicae (Sul.), the principle vector of most potato viruses