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Title: Evaluating the impact of targeting livestock for the prevention of human and animal trypanosomiasis, at village level, in districts newly affected with T. b. rhodesiense in Uganda

Date Published: 2017
Author/s: Louise Hamill, Kim Picozzi, Jenna Fyfe, Beatrix von Wissmann, Sally Wastling, Nicola Wardrop, Richard Selby, Christine Amongi Acup, Kevin L. Bardosh, Dennis Muhanguzi, John D. Kabasa, Charles Waiswa and Susan C. Welburn
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Affiliation: Edinburgh Infectious Diseases, Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine,
Edinburgh Medical School: Biomedical Sciences, The University of Edinburgh,
Chancellor’s Building, 4
Keywords: African animal trypanosomiasis (AAT), Human African trypanosomiasis (HAT), Sleeping sickness,
Trypanosma brucei rhodesiense HAT (rHAT), Uganda, T. b. brucei, T. b. rhodesiense


Uganda has suffered from a series of epidemics of Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT), a tsetse
transmitted disease, also known as sleeping sickness. The area affected by acute Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense
HAT (rHAT) has been expanding, driven by importation of infected cattle into regions previously free of the disease.
These regions are also affected by African Animal Trypanosomiasis (AAT) demanding a strategy for integrated
disease control.