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Title: Recent Advances in Solanum Potato Improvement In Uganda

Date Published: 1993
Author/s: L. Sikka and R. Kanz:ikwera
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: National Agricultural Research Organisation
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Affiliation: Kalengyere Highland Research Station
P.O. Box 6, Kabale, Uganda, National Agricultural Research Organisation
Keywords: Solanum potato. improvement, constraints, food crop


The paper reviews the major production constraints for extension of potato production and the role
of potato as an important food a-op. Breeding techniques to develop tropical potato varieties with
higher yield, wider adaptability, and better resistance to late blight and bacterial wilt are discussed.
Genotypes, 381381.20, 374080.5-PJ, 575049-CEW 69.1and381379.9 have been Identified in different
stages of assessment for high yield, disease resistance and drought tolerance. True Potato Seed (TPS)
both as seedling tubers and transplants seems to be a promising alternative to costly tuber seed production. TPS progenies exhibited better resistance to both late blight and bacterial wilt than the conventional seed tubers. Viable, commercial seed schemes and appropriate low cost storage methods are
discussed. These technological advances could have far-reaching effects in stabilising potato yields