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Title: Nutrition in Central Uganda: An Estimation of a Minimum Cost Healthy Diet

Date Published: 2011
Author/s: Keeletlhoko Faith Badirwang, Gertrude Nakakeeto, Jeta Rudi, Daniel B. Taylor
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Affiliation: Virginia Tech University
Keywords: Central Uganda, minimum cost diet, malnutrition, linear programming.


This study makes use of linear programming methodology to design a minimum cost diet for the
Central Ugandan region. We used a set of constraints on recommended levels of daily nutrient
intake, recommended proportions of groups of foods, as well as preferences and food availability
in Central Uganda, to design a minimum cost healthy daily diet. Several models were considered, each forcing at least one of the following frequently consumed staple foods: matooke, cassava, and rice. We found that the minimum costs of the optimal diets were lowest in the planting
season of March and highest in the harvesting season of December.