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Title: The Aquaculture Potential of Indigenous Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) in the Lake Victoria Basin, Uganda

Date Published: April, 2007
Author/s: Ajangale Nelly Isyagi
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Affiliation: Institute of Aquaculture Stirling, Scotland United Kingdom


Local and international demand for Lake Victoria’s fish has begun to outstrip supply.
Production from the fishery has attained its sustainable limits, the diversity of catch has
declined and subsequently employment and levels of earnings among fishers have become less
secure. Under prevailing conditions, aquaculture offers the most immediate solution to
augmenting fish production and sustaining earnings from the sector. It may also provide an
avenue through which the diversity of aquatic resources can be increased through for example,
the culture of indigenous species; in this case the African catfish ( ),
particularly as a polyculture species with conventional tilapia ) culture