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Title: Evaluation of the reproductive performance of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) brood stock fed on three locally manufactured commercial feeds

Date Published: 2013
Author/s: Constantine Chobet Ondhoro, Mathew Tenywa Mwanja, Akisoferi Owori Wadunde, Mujibu Nkambo, Immaculate Kamahooro & Cassius Aruho
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: IJFAS
Journal Publisher: International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies
Affiliation: National Fisheries Resources
Research Institute, Kampala,
Keywords: African catfish, brood stock feeds, fecundity, fertilization, hatchability, net returns


Brood stock management experiment was conducted at Kireka fish farm Uganda, to evaluate the
fecundity and economic performance of three new local commercial feeds for African catfish brood stock
development and conditioning. The fish were conditioned in earthen ponds, stocked at 0.5 kg/m3 for three
months before spawning. The feeds were code named N2, B3 and N3 for Kajjansi 35%, Ugachick 35%
and Tende Innovative Farm feeds respectively. Results indicated that there was no significant difference
in the crude protein composition of all the test diets. Significantly lower lipid contents (2.326%) were noticed in N3.