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Title: Physical variables, nutrient status and primary productivity of Kyoga basin lakes of Lemwa, Omunuo, Gawa, Adois and Owapet

Date Published: July 2007
Author/s: Ochieng H, H. Ocaya, A. Anguzu and G. Magezi
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The review report on Kyoga basin lakes (NAFIRRI 2007) described Kyoga basin lakes as important natural resource for the communities within the basin and the surrounding areas. Fisheries of the basin provide a source of protein, income, and employment to generally poor communities in the area. The lakes also generate revenue to the local Governments within the catchment. This indicates that the fisheries of Kyoga basin lakes are a key instrument in poverty eradication and food security. The lakes also act as a source of water for domestic, agricultural and transport purposes. Some of the Kyoga small lakes harbour fish species, which have disappeared from the main lakes Victoria and Kyoga and are therefore important for biodiversity conservation