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Title: The status of the light fishery, distribution and selected population parameters of the main species of the fishery in Uganda

Date Published: 2015
Author/s: Mbabazi D and M. Olokotum
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Affiliation: National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI), Jinja,
National Agricultural Research Organization, Uganda.


The light fishery in Uganda is mainly based on three fish species namely Mukene, Rastrineobola argentea from lake Victoria, Nabugabo, Kayanja, Kyoga main and a series of Kyoga small lakes e.g. Omuno, Gigati, Bisina, Nawamapasa, Meito, Nakuwa etc. (Sharpe et al., 2012); Neobola bredoli -Muziri and Bycinus nurse-Ragoogi/Ndolo from Lake Albert and Albert Nile (NaFIRRI, 2008). Despite the wide distribution of these small sized pelagic species in Uganda the fisheries are only developed in lakes Victoria, Kyoga main, Nabugabo and Albert/Albert Nile. In Lake Victoria the fishery started in early 80s on the Tanzanian part of the lake and in Uganda in late 80s, Lake Kyoga main in early 1990s and most recently on Lake Albert/Albert Nile while in most of the other Kyoga small lakes and Kayanja the fishery remains untapped.