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Title: Maize Training Manual for Extension workers in Uganda

Date Published: 2019
Author/s: MAAIF
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Affiliation: MAAIF


Maize is an important food and income security crop that supports livelihood of millions of small-scale farmers
in Uganda. Production of maize has increased from 2.8 million MT (2015) to 4 million MT (2017). Maize
importance is associated with increasing demand and favourable climate that enables two cropping seasons in
a year. Increased demand for poultry products due to rising income has further increased demand for maize
as animal feed. This implies that there is a large local potential market for maize. Maize is also a staple food for
majority of people in neighbouring countries especially Kenya who are major importers of Ugandan maize grain.
Example Kenya alone demands more average of 600,00MT annually and is likely to go up to 1,000,000MT hence
increasing demand on the regional market.