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Title: Save and Grow Cassava: A guide to sustainable production intensification

Date Published: 2013
Author/s: FAO: Reinhardt Howeler, NeBambi Lutaladio and Graeme Thomas
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: FAO
Journal Publisher: FAO
Affiliation: FAO


Long regarded as unsuitable for intensification, cassava has
grown dramatically in importance in world agriculture. The
2012 harvest reached record levels, thanks to expansion of global
trade in cassava products and strong growth of output in Africa.
Production is intensifying worldwide. In the years ahead, cassava
will see a shift to monocropping, higher-yielding genotypes, and
greater use of irrigation and agrochemicals. But intensification
carries great risks, including upsurges in pests and diseases, and
depletion of soil nutrients. This guide shows how FAO’s “Save and
Grow” farming approach can help developing countries to avoid
the risks of unsustainable intensification, while realizing cassava’s
potential for producing higher yields, alleviating rural poverty and
contributing to national economic development.