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Title: Selected trace metal concentration in bottom water and sediments of Kyoga basin lakes, and its potential to aquatic pollution

Date Published: November 2010
Author/s: Ocaya Henry
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Affiliation: NAFIRRI


Although other research studies on areas such as the physical-chemical, nutrients and phytoplankton status of Lake Kyoga systems have been given a lot of attention (e.g. Mungoma 1988 and NaFIRRI 2006), efforts to determine the pollution status of this system, especially by heavy metals as one of the worldwide emerging environmental problems, is still limited. Many trace metals are regarded as serious pollutants of aquatic ecosystems because of their persistence, toxicity and ability to be incorporated into food chains (Mwamburi J., and Nathan O.F., 1997). Given the rapid human population growth and the associated economic activities both within the rural and urban areas in Uganda, such fish production systems are becoming very prone to various kinds of pollution including that by heavy metals