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Title: Histochemistry and Ph Characterization of the Gastrointestinal Tract of Nile Perch Lates niloticus

Date Published: 2014
Author/s: V.T. Namulawa, C.D. Kato, E. Nyatia, M. Kiseka and J. Rutaisire 1
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: IDOSI Publications
Journal Publisher: World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences
Affiliation: Aquaculture Research and Development Centre, P.O. Box, 530, Kampala, Uganda 1
College of Veterinary Medicine, 2
Animal Resources and Biosecurity, P.O. Box 7026, Kampala, Uganda
National Agricultural Research Organization, P.O. Box 295, Entebbe, Uganda
Keywords: Mucins, pH, Gastrointestinal Tract, Nile Perch


Investigations were undertaken to establish the histochemistry and pH of the Nile perch gut,
using standard methods. Results revealed that the oral cavity and oesophagus epithelia were lined with goblet
cells containing both neutral carboxylated mucins and acidic sialomucins. The stomach apical cells exclusively
contained neutral carboxylated mucins, while the ceace and intestinal epithelia were rich in acidic sulfated
glycoproteins and sialomucins. Investigation further revealed that the pH in the Nile perch gut is relatively
acidic and that stomach fullness has a significant correlation with the degree of acidity in the different gut
regions. These observations suggest that the nature of mucins and pH of the Nile perch gut have a great
influence on the functioning of the digestive system in relation to its diet.