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Title: Commodity Systems Assessment of Cassava in Uganda

Date Published: August 2018
Author/s: Thomas Buyinza, Lisa Kitinoja
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: The Postharvest Education Foundation
Journal Publisher: The Postharvest Education Foundation
Affiliation: The Postharvest Education Foundation (PEF), Iowa State University - Uganda Program


This report is an example of the kind of data PEF e-learners can collect and the general
results/findings that can be provided when implementing a simplified CSAM study, using a semistructured survey. The process is a rapid assessment and requires few resources. The main feature
of a CSAM report is that it is based on interviews of the actors and your observations of the
postharvest handling system, so published references are generally not required. The results allow
the researcher to provide information to various stakeholders on the types and volumes of losses,
the causes and sources of losses, and the local research needs, training needs and advocacy issues
that must be addressed in order to reduce postharvest losses for those producing and handling the
crop in the location that was studied

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