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Title: Soya Bean Growers' Guide

Date Published: 1994
Author/s: National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO)
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Affiliation: National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO)


Soya bean was introduced in Uganda between 1908 and 1913 while research on the crop started in the 1960'5. Through such work Kabanyolo I was developed and has been the most widely grown soya bean variety by farmers up to 1990.
Soya bean has exceptionally high protein content of up to 40%. As an oil crop the average oil content ranges from 18-24% depending on variety; it is the world's major source of edible vegetable oil and high protein feed for livestock. Soybean has been described as a "miracle crop" of many uses. Some of the soy bean products found on Ugandan markets include: soy flour, baked products, soy beverages, snacks, animal feeds and some vegetable oil. There are however only a few locally explored alternatives concerning soy bean utilization.

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