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Title: Ploidy level of the banana (Musa spp.) accessions at
the germplasm collection centre for the East and
Central Africa

Date Published: 2016
Author/s: Deborah Karamura, Robooni Tumuhimbise, Sedrach Muhangi, Moses Nyine, Micheal
Pillay, Reuben Ssali Tendo, David Talengera, Priver Namanya, Jerome Kubiriba and
Eldad Karamura
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: African Journal of Biotechnology
Journal Publisher: African Journal of Biotechnology
Affiliation: Bioversity International, Box 24384, Kampala, Uganda, National Banana Research Programme, P.O. Box 7065, Kampala, Uganda, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), P. O. Box 7878, Kampala, Uganda, Vaal University of Technology, Private Bag X021, Vanderbijlpark 1900, South Africa
Keywords: Banana germplasm, breeding ex situ germplasm collection, flow cytometry, ploidy


Banana Germplasm Collection serves as a source of useful genes for banana breeding. However,
insufficient and/or inaccurate information on the ploidy level of the germplasm renders its utilization in
breeding difficult. The objective of this study was to determine and validate the ploidy level of 120
banana accessions in the ex situ germplasm collection centre for the East and Central Africa, located in
Mbarara, Uganda. Flow cytometric analysis of the nuclear DNA content was used to determine the
ploidy level of the accessions. Results indicate that accessions: Bura, Diana, Kambani-Rungwe, Paji
and Pagatau, and Rungwe that were previously classified as diploids are actually triploids, whereas
Selangor previously known to be a diploid is a tetraploid. Accessions such as Galeo, Mwitupemba and
Ntindi 1 that were previously classified as triploids were found diploids. GT, FHIA 25 and Muzungu
Mwekundu that were considered as tetraploids, were found triploids. The information generated will
guide correct placement of these accessions in the regional germplasm collection centre for the East
and Central Africa and their utilization in banana breeding.