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Title: Nile Perch Fishery Management Plan for Lake Victoria 2015 - 2019

Date Published: 2015
Author/s: FAO
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Funding Agency : European Union
Copyright/patents/trade marks: Indian Ocean Commission
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Affiliation: FAO


The Lake Victoria Nile perch (NP) fishery (fishing and post-harvest activities) is a significant contributor to the
social and economic development of the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization (LVFO) Partner States (Kenya, Tanzania
and Uganda). The catch of NP has averaged 250 000 tonnes per annum for the last two decades. During
the last decade, the fishery has faced serious problems of overcapitalisation and overfishing and high levels
of non-compliance to regulations in the fishing and post-harvest sub-sectors. This has led to decreasing stock
health resulting in an increased vulnerability of the resource base and suboptimal contribution of the fishery to
the lake-side economies.
A first specific Fishery Management Plan for the Nile perch Fishery (NPFMP1) covering the period 2009-2014
was developed in 2008 by LVFO. Other initiatives, both national and regional, aimed at reversing the Nile perch
stock decline have also been promoted since 2008. The implementation of NPFMP1 and related initiatives has
led to some progress in the management of the NP fishery; however gaps and weaknesses are still affecting the
sustainability of the fishery and the full expression of social and economic benefits that could be derived from
proper management of the fishery.