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Title: Reaction of groundnut genotypes to Leafminer Aproaerema modicella Deventer

Date Published: 2016
Author/s: Wandulu J. A. Akello B.O, and Kalule O.D.
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Funding Agency : AGRA groundnut project for
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Affiliation: National Semi Arid Resources Research Institute (NaSARRI), P.O. Soroti, Serere Uganda


The leafminer Aproaerema modicella Deventer. was reported to
damage groundnut crop in Uganda in 1998 (
Reported elsewhere in the African continent, including
Mozambique, Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo and South
Africa ( Groundnut leafminer is reported to
have reached epidemic densities causing severe losses in some
parts of Africa (www.New In Uganda, ground nut
leafminer has become an important pest in major groundnut
producing regions (Mukankusi et al. 2000). Elsewhere, the pest is
considered most important in India (Reddy, 1988). The pets has
been reported cause up to 86% yield loss (Cugala et al. 2010).
Other groundnut insect pest include Aphids Aphis craciviora, Thips
Palmi Karney, and termites. Isoptera. Thus, an Integrated pest
management strategy is very important in addressing this problem
(Okello et al. 2010). The objective of this study was to evaluate and
identify groundnut genotypes resistant to leafminer pest from
selected groundnut genotypes.