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Title: Home garden, a Traditional Agroforestry Practice for Household Food Security in Uganda

Date Published: 2017
Author/s: Kwaga P, Agaba H, Sekatuba J, Ongodia G, Akellem R, Mudondo S, Eryau K, Nansereko S, Opolot V & Buyinza J
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Funding Agency : The Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness
Advisory Services (ATAAS) Project
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Affiliation: NaFORRI, NARO


Home garden is practiced as a mixture of crops and trees maintained very close to
homesteads. Home gardens exhibit a wide diversity of perennial and semi-perennial crops, trees
and shrubs, well adapted to local microclimates and maintained with a minimum of purchased
inputs. Home gardening contributes to household food security by providing direct access to food
that can be harvested, prepared and fed to family members, often on a daily basis. A recent study
carried out by NaFORRI (2013) on the extent of forestry technologies in three Agro ecological
Zones (AEZs) of Uganda revealed that home garden technology is mainly practiced in Lake
Victoria Crescent and Eastern highlands (Fig. 1). The practice may be done without any economic
resources, using locally available planting materials, green manures and indigenous methods of
pest control.