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Title: Biodiversity Values of Different Aquatic Systems, Habitats and Organisms in Relation to Restoration and Sustaining of Biodiversity

Date Published: 2000
Author/s: Mbabazi D. Ogutu-Ohwayo R.• Ndawula Wandera SB and Namulemo G.
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Affiliation: National Agricultural Research Organisation, Fisheries Resources Research Institute, P. 0 Box 343, Jinja, Uganda


Biodiversity values provide objective data and advice from which policy makes could assess the conservation options and determine optimal policies that would balance the needs of conservation with the socia-economic needs of the people in the area.
Biodiversity ratings use the following criteria:

Species rietmess

Species rarity/uniqueness
Species richness is based on the total number of species that occur for each sitellake/river.
Species rarity/uniqueness is based on the number ofsites/lakes/rivers at which a species occurs.