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Title: The Role of Yssichromis Species (Pisces: Cichlidae) in the Trophic Ecology and Foodwebs of Lake Victoria

Date Published: 2000
Author/s: Ebong Ivan, SB Wandera and Richard Ogutu-Ohwayo
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Affiliation: National Agricultural Research Organisation,
Fisheries Research Institute,
P. O. Box 343, Jinja, Uganda


Many haplochromine cichlids coexisted in Lake Victoria before the upsurge of Nile
perch. The introduction of the Nile perch led to depletion of many haplochromines and
other fish species in Lake Victoria. The impact of Nile perch predation on
haplochromines differed for different haplochromine trophic groups. Yssichromis
fusiformis (G) and Yssichromis laparogramma (G) are among the species that have
survived in the lake. Yssichromis spp. was studied with the aim of determining their
trophic role, food and feeding habits. Samples were collected from Bugaia, Buvuma
channel and Napoleon Gulf in the northern part of Lake Victoria. The food of
Yssichromis spp. varied with size of fish. Both Y fusiformis and Y laparogramma fed on
Copepods, Cladocerans, Chaoborus and Chironomids.