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Title: Fish Species Diversity in the Victoria and Kyoga Lake Basins, Their Conservation and Sustainable Use

Date Published: 2000
Author/s: Ogutu.Ohwayo, R. and Ndawula L.
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Affiliation: National Agricultural Research Organisation,
Fisheries Resources Research Institute,


Introduction of exotic fish species especially the Nile perch Lates niloticus, is believed to be
responsible for the decline of fish species diversity in lakes Victoria, Kyoga and Nabugabo.
About 60% of the haplochromine cichlids are thought to have become extinct from L. Victoria
due to predation by the Nile perch. However there are many lakes satelite to the lakes Victoria and Kyoga basins which still have fish fauna similar to that of the main lakes. of the (
satellite lakes are separated from the main lakes in, which Nile perch was introduced by
extensive swamps that provide a barrier to Nile perch / A survey was carried out in a number of
these satelite lakes and an inventory made of existing fish species. Their distribution and
relative abundances were also determined. The lakes studied included Nawampasa, Nakuwa,
Kawi, Gigate, Nyaguo, Agu, Nabugabo. Kayanja, Kaytigi, Mburo, Kachera and
Wamala./Some habitats within the main lakes Victoria and Kyoga, especially those with rocky
outcrops· and macrophyte cover that provide refugia for endangered species from Nile perch,
were also surveyed) Various stations along the River Nile were also sampled to quantify the
fish species that are still present. Kyoga minor lakes were found to have the highest number of
fish species especially of haplochromine cichlids.