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Title: Smallholder integrated crop management (ICM) research planning: A case for Mukono and Kayunga districts

Date Published: 2004
Author/s: P Lusembo, F Kabeere, R Kabanyoro, R Sebaganzi
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: NARO
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A pilot planning project intended to learn more about the farmers’ current practices in order to develop appropriate research interventions. The project challenges the stakeholders to describe ICM practices in use by farmers, their origins and history of adaptation to specific situations. An ICM Planning Workshop was convened at Mukono ARDC to provide a platform for the various relevant stakeholders to come together to contribute knowledge and experience to the planning process. Participants included farmers from Kayunga and Mukono districts. More women farmers were invited because they do most of the farming. Other participants came from local government and researchers. Other researchers were facilitators who included the research team of the ARDC and scientists from Agricultural Research Information Service (ARIS). Current relationships among agricultural sector service providers were identified and visually presented. Current land and farm management strategies in the two target parishes were also presented. Future visions for land and farm management strategies and relationships among agricultural sector service providers were presented. A consolidated vision of the desired future was drawn. Priority elements were identified and a consolidated matrix for the action plan formed. An interim committee consisting of all stakeholders was elected to follow up implimentation of the action plan