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Title: Proceedings of Lake Victoria 2000: A New Beginning Conference

Date Published: 2005
Author/s: Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation LVFO
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation
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Affiliation: Lake Victoria Fisheries Organisation


The changes in fish stocks structure and dynamics were reported to be mainly a result of
changes in resource use and ecosystem health. To ensure sustainability of the resources
and the health of the ecosystem the following was recommended:
a) States should put measures in place to control eutrophication by addressing the
excessing nutrient loading caused by poor agriculture practices, deforestation and
the input of untreated industrial and domestic wastes. These inadequately controlled
practices result in high algal population and blooms which cause high water
treatment costs, algal toxins and alteration of food webs which in turn affect fish
habitats and loss of biodiversity resulting to unstable ecosytem;