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Title: Recognition and Management of the Stem Splitting Disease in Artemisia - A field Guide

Date Published: 2012
Author/s: NARO: Editors: John Wasswa Mulumba, Fred Ssekiwoko, Peter Kiwuso, Moses Basoga
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Copyright/patents/trade marks: National Agricultural Research Organization
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Affiliation: National Agricultural Research Organization, Plant Genetic Resources Centre
Entebbe Botanic Gardens


Artemisia annua(L.) is the plant from which artemisinin (the active
compound in modern anti-malarial drugs) is extracted. It is
commonly known as sweet wormwood, sweet annie or annual
wormwood. Artemisia annuci is known to have originated from China
where it naturally occurs in Chahar and Suiyuan provinces at altitude
1000-1500 masl. Its use as a remedy for malaria- related fevers is
known to date back to 340 AD.